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The innovators: the smart systems driving motorists towards smarter cities

The Guardian, Shane Hickey

The Cambridge-based tech firm Telensa is pioneering apps to let you park more easily

, tell local councils when to grit or even light up particular roads.

The technology behind the project is simple, says Tim Jackson, co-founder of the company. “It is a magnetic sensor which goes in the road. When the car parks over the top of it, it detects the car is there.” There is a website that pinpoints the available spaces for drivers and electronic road signs also point them in the right direction.

Telensa works in the development of “smart cities”, where technology is used to improve the running of an urban area. This includes everything from identifying which roads to grit when it snows, to turning on lights when police are pursuing a suspect..Central to this has been the company’s development of smart streetlights. These can be controlled and monitored remotely, and was the first use of the technology now helping drivers in Moscow.

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