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Institutional Investors view Internet of Things as crucial for sustainable economy

At ETF Partners we have long taken the view that the Internet of Things – networks of internet connected physical objects – is a game changer for the sustainable economy.

In our latest briefing for institutional investors: Internet of Things: pdf Entering the Age of the Digicene (1.28 MB) we explored in-depth the sustainability applications and impact of intelligent, connected devices across our three investment areas: smart cities, smart industry and smart energy.

We also surveyed over 200 institutional investors (pension schemes, asset managers, large corporations) to get their perspective. Their responses confirmed our thinking: Over 90% view IoT as important or very important for sustainable economic prosperity, over 60% view venture and growth capital funds as the best way to access the Internet of Things, and perhaps most surprisingly, 25% of institutional investors think the potential for IoT is currently underestimated.

To download the full survey results pdf click here (886 KB) .   

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