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ETF Partners invests in Greenbird

ETF Partners and Statkraft Ventures have invested $5 million in Greenbird – a profitable and growing, Norwegian software and IT integration specialist for the utility industry. 

Smart meter software architectures are complex, yet they need to be integrated quickly and remain flexible and ever-evolving. can be understood as an ‘integration as a service’ offering, which efficiently handles metering data and provides connectors to all of the common smart meter software applications. New applications are therefore on-boarded within days rather than months. And the system evolves with changes in the industry, regulation or security requirements, and thereby future-proofs a utility’s systems without repeated integration efforts or dependency on a single software supplier.

 “At Statkraft Ventures we are well aware of the software integration challenge utilities are facing as the grid is becoming increasingly intelligent. In order to capitalise on the smart grid opportunity, the IT systems need to adapt quickly. Greenbird provides exactly that flexibility and delivers it conveniently as a cloud service. Having proven its case in Norway, we see a big opportunity for Greenbird to further expand globally,” says Matthias Dill, Managing Director of Statkraft Ventures.

 “What convinced us about Greenbird was the vision and energy of its team,” says Arne Morteani, Partner at ETF Partners. “They identified a real need in the market and leading utilities have already adopted their service. We are delighted to provide additional capital to enable Greenbird’s further growth.”

 “Traditional system integration is not suitable for smart meter operations,” says Thorsten Heller, CEO at Greenbird. “What is needed is a brand new approach. is a cloud-native integration platform that cuts integration times from 6-12 months to less than 1 month. More importantly, it creates a flexible, multi-vendor architecture that readily evolves as utilities seek to capture the more advanced benefits of smart meters. We are not competing with other software or big data vendors, but we are lowering the barriers for everyone in the ecosystem – we are truly making data fly!”


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