World leader in connected street lighting and smart city wireless networks

Telensa makes wireless smart city control applications, including the world’s most widely deployed smart streetlight solution, with over 50 city and regional networks deployed in 8 countries and a project footprint covering over 1 million streetlights. Fundamental to Telensa’s success is its LPWA Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) radio system, which combines low-cost, long range, long battery life and 2-way communication for massive numbers of devices.

internet of things must learn interoperability lessons from history willfranks4813 620x354"We were very pleased to have ETF come on board as an investor in Telensa, to help us increase our already rapid growth rate and expand internationally. We did expect a lot from them, but have not been disappointed."

Will Franks, CEO, Telensa


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  • Telensa’s CityVerve Consortium in Manchester selected for a £10m government award.
  • Raises $18m in first round funding from ETF Partners to support expansion to meet growing demand in the smart cities market.

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"Put every light you have on a dimmer. Because, after a certain age … it's cheaper than plastic surgery."

~Bryan Batt