Don’t use hard wood.
Grow soft wood and make it hard

Kebony's revolutionary process sees easy and quick-to-grow sustainable woods take on the appearance and qualities of hard wood. The process actually changes the molecular structure of the wood, allowing what was soft wood to be used in a vast array of hard wood applications. This will diminish demand for irreplaceable tropical hard wood.

Kebony CEO

"ETF has been a valuable partner through the different phases of our growth, from first expanding outside of Norway to becoming one of the world leading manufacturers of eco-friendly hardwood. They have brought in investors from across Europe to finance our growth and have helped us develop a solid commercial relationship with Europe’s largest building materials company."

Christian Jebsen, CEO, Kebony

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  • Bronze medalists at the Ecosummit Award 2016.
  • Raises 177.5 million NOK (€19.05 million) of new funding to fund the construction of a second European factory, Nov 2015.
  • World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2014.
  • Winner of Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Award 2013.
  • Named as a top 50 fastest growing European tech company, 2012 Cleantech Connect Awards.

Below the line

"The development of civilisation has always shown itself so active in the destruction of forests that everything that has been done for their conservation and production is completely insignificant in comparison."

Karl Marx